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15 Mar 2013

Incest In My Life


Hi friends my name is krish, I have read many stories in iss which inspired me to share my experience. . Incest started in my life at a very young age, where i was just 10 years old. . I used to behave like every other kid of my age up until one night which changed my life forever. . . As i live in tamil nadu where incest is not much talked about but am sure it's happening. . . Saying about my mom she gave birth to me at a age of 36 & is a typical southern women in nature, where as she looks chubby with a big milky boobs who wears saree almost all time.

I used to sleep beside my mom every night, whereas that one night i woke up because of a bad dream as i turned & what i looked was heaven for me as my mom's saree was dislodged & I can see those milky boobs waiting to pop out. . i was breathing heavily & was seeing those giant tits for some time before i made some courage to feel it as i slowly touched those soft breast & took my hand immediately . . . later once i get my breath normal i just put my hand over my mom hips & watching those boobs as most i can before falling sleep from that day onwards where everything i started to look different.

Next day I was waiting for the day to get over as soon as possible & to become night so that i can have that beautiful view again. . . Later that night i was just closing my eyes & waiting for my mom to sleep but i couldn't wait so i put my hands over her & she woke up & i got freighted. . She asked me “What are you doing"? i said i couldn't sleep just wanted to put my hand over her, with a cute smile she said yes thinking me still a kid. . . As I started to enjoy her touch daily.

My fun to next level continued whereas i got courage & lifted her saree to put my hand on her cute belly, then just started circling in her belly as i enjoyed myself very nicely, as my mom once fallen asleep goes deep. . . But i controlled my lust for her boobs to shift focus on her cute belly for some days. . . Daily when i woke up my penis used to be big, i was afraid & in fact worried may be it was a problem. . So i asked to mom where she said it is just natural & nothing wrong with it. . Later that week i had my first ejection of cum & that too of a most emphatic incident with my mom.

It was the summer days & hence mom started wearing transparent dresses. . As of the beautiful night which i am about to say, she was wearing a black bra which was very much visible through her light yellow color jacket with blue color very transparent saree & it was a sunday & by far the hottest day in our state much to my delight. . . My eyes was fixed on her boobs for the whole day where i got glimpse of those sweating boobs. I was already hardened once dinner was finished i rushed to the bed & waiting for my mom.

In our room there was a night bulb switched on just for her to come through what i saw is i can't believe, as she came in to the dim light already removing her saree just wearing a jacket & petticoat . . . the boobs were just jangling up and down as she approached me as my dick raised to full strech waiting for unloading on her dynamic ass. . . i closed my eyes to make her think i fell asleep. . . the moment arrived as i almost waited for more than two hours.

My heart was beating 1000times more than it usually does as i saw those juicy boobs in the dim light which i want to taste so badly. . . I just touched those melons & pressed it slowly my heart beat raised yet again as i first time ejected. .  Later i started to unbutton that jacket as there was only 5 buttons in the jacket on which one was already unbuttoned. . I took my time & once i unbutton one button i took some moments as my body was heating up.  finally i was about to pull the final nail of the jacket my mom woke up.

I was shell shocked & for a moment i thought it was all over but my mom looked at me and said turn that side pray & sleep. . . As she turned to other side & buttoned her jacket & slept. . .  I couldn't sleep as i was afraid what going to happen if my mom says to my dad as he is very strict & i was still in bed doesn't want to get up.

My mom asked to get ready for school. I got up as she sat near me & said whatever happened last night is bad so don't do it again. I asked her whether she going to tell this to dad. She said no & gave a warm kiss on my head where i felt so much relieved finally. I hope everyone enjoyed it & this was just the beginning of the incest in my life, so i will keep posting you of what happened next. Have a spicy time guys.Did You Like This Post? Click On The Advertisements If You Really Liked It! Your Click Matters A Lot To Us!



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