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26 Apr 2013

Riz - Part V


(I thank Mrs. Rizwana(name changed)from Udaipur for sharing her experiences and fantasies. Truth is stranger than fiction. I thought such incidents happen only in porn movies and not in real life. I thank her for giving me freedom to mould story as required, while keeping some facts in place. I leave it to reader's imagination to fantasize which part is true and which is fiction. She has sex with BF (before and after marriage), drivers, Milkmen, Hubby’s friend, Neighbour teenager and 20 men in her friend’s farmhouse in weekend sex parties – these are facts, rest is all fiction.)

As we were driving back, Alka’s words were ringing in my ears. She and her friend Julie were fucked by 7 cocks for 2 days. Wow….. And I was invited to join their group..Was it risky or should I take a chance and try it?

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t realize Ali, my driver, had parked car in the garage and was waiting for me to get down.

As I opened the car door, Ali turned back and said “Riz, did you realize I have not fucked you for 2 days? You have found many cocks to fuck you, so should I go back to your Mom?”

I completely forgot about Ali. I called Mom and told her my position and that she could take back Ali. Mom was also missing his licking more than his fucking, so agreed. I conveyed to him.

“Riz, can I fuck you before going back? My balls are aching for release” he pleaded.

My cunt was also very wet after talking to Alka. So I called him over, removed my salwar and panty and bent on the car bonnet resting on my elbows and spread my legs. We were in our garage, well secluded. He stepped out of his pants, put on the condom that I gave him and held my hips and with one hand parted cunt lips and pushed his cock.

The villagers don’t have the delicate approach that urban people have. They are rough, so I was not surprised by his heavy pounding and rough mauling of my tits and buttocks. I was giving back thrusts with matching force and after ten minutes of hard fucking he gave a shout and ejaculated. I hugged and kissed him. He told me to call him any time day or night, he would be here.

As I entered the house, phone rang. I lifted receiver.

“Hi, Riz, this is Sara, Have you finished cooking?” Sara asked.

“No, I just came from shopping.” I told her.

“Then don’t start. I and Karim are coming over with lunch. Karim has taken leave for the entire week. We will come over daily after kids go to school, fuck you till 2 PM and will go back. If it is OK with you…” Sara hesitated.

Karim’s hairy body and thick cock flashed in my mind’s eye. I had no hesitation in saying OK.

Within 10 minutes they came over. I was waiting for them, naked. They were both so horny; we didn’t even go to bed room. We fucked on the settee. Sara was a like woman possessed, Karim was also shocked by his frigid wife turning out to be such a temptress. Karim was a little disappointed at having to use condom but removed when he was about to cum and filled his wife’s cunt. We had lunch naked. Karim fucked me once more before going at 2 PM, before their kids returned from school.

I took a short nap, then Aarif came at 5 PM directly from his office, had shower and fucked me and left at 8 PM.

At 9.30 PM, Asma, Salim and Ajim came over. I told them to finish all fucking by 12 and then they should study also. After 2 rounds I came over and slept. When I left, Ajim was fucking Asma while Salim was sucking her tits.

This hectic schedule continued for 3 days. I completely forgot about Alka. On Thursday, when reading paper, I saw the day and realized weekend was approaching.

I hesitated and called Alka. Phone was ringing for a long time, I was about to disconnect when she answered” Hello”. Her voice was breaking.

I was still hesitating, when she said “Yes, Riz. What is it?”

I blurted out “How did you know it was me? I didn’t give you my number”

Her throaty laughter was very sexy.

“Dear, I have sixth sense, Don’t worry about my voice breaking. My father in law is fucking me doggy” she said casually.

I was shocked “But you said for 5 days a week you are a devoted house wife”

“I am devoted. Is it not my duty to give happiness to all members of family?” she asked naughtily.

“Sure, do your hubby and Mom in law know about this present duty?” I asked her.

“You have me there. They don’t know. Just wait a minute, I will go to loo and clean up; he just filled my cunt. Don’t hang up” She went off for about 5 minutes and returned.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, I am a freak about cleanliness. I had to clean all the cum inside cunt, so it took time. Tell me Riz” Alka asked me casually as if she were discussing about shopping.

“Alka, I am very excited and tempted by what all you told me. But men are by nature braggarts. While we women try to hide our affairs, they want to boast of their conquests. So I am worried about my reputation and marriage.” I told her hesitantly.

“I fully agree with you. That was why I and Julie took a long time in screening men. We selected only affluent men, those who have no need or motive to earn money by blackmail and those who are as anxious as us about reputation. So, you need not worry on that score” she assured me.

“Can I bring my boy friend?” I asked her.

“No. We don’t want any jealousy issues here. You come, fuck as much and with as many cocks as you want and go back home happy and satiated without a worry. We don’t even know each other’s names or mobile Numbers. Correspondence is only through mail and Face book. We give ourselves bollywood stars’ names and call with them only. I am Katrina or Kat, Julie is Bips , you can be PC , similarly all men also are given heroes names.” She explained.

“I don’t know how beautiful Julie is but all men want to fuck you only, with your 38D boobs and massive ass you will attract all men like honey attracts insects, leaving me and Julie miserable and frustrated.” I expressed my doubt. She gave her throaty, sexy laughter.

“Thanks for the compliment, dear. You are underestimating your beauty and animal sexiness. Frankly I am worried if any man will look at me. Jokes aside, all men know their turn will come and they have to wait and unlike us, they require some time between fucks. So stop worrying and come over” she told me patiently.

I took address and directions and assured her that I would be there by 4.30 PM on Saturday.

I did not discuss with Aarif, this was my private adventure. On that day also, same routine was followed. Morning Karim and Sara came and fucking sessions were concluded by 2 PM. Sara was becoming bolder and more active and more demanding. Karim was saying, unlike before now she demanded fucking and seemed to be always horny.

I think Karim was now realizing that Sara would also turn out to be like me requiring several cocks in very near future and was enquiring about Aarif. When we were alone, I told Sara about Asma’s uncles and nephews and she was very excited. She planned to go with Asma after Karim went to office from next week to get fucked by them.

That evening I was riding Aarif on our bed, i.e., my husband’s bed. Arif was giving thrusts from down. I was screaming as I was thumping down on his crotch with full force. My cunt was so wet juices were flowing out along Arif’s shaft.

Suddenly Arif stiffened, stopped moving. His eyes bulged. I also stopped jumping and looked over shoulder. I was scared if Usman had somehow come in.

Standing open jawed in the door way was Salim. He jumped from his terrace to ours and came down the stairs to check feasibility and wanted to tell me. I laughed with relief and told Arif it is ok, he was also my fuck friend. Though Aarif didn’t initially like sharing me with Salim, he later enjoyed as Salim was fucking me in the ass and the jerks transmitting to his cock and my cunt. Both of them fucked the daylights out of me that day. Both of them were so horny, after ejaculation, they were sucking my boobs and within few minutes both were ready again, this time I sucked Salim dry as Aarif fucked me in the cunt.

Salim of course didn’t tell his mom about this and came for his regular quota of fucking at night.

I had another dream in early hours of Saturday morning. Alka was getting fucked in doggy style. Next to her, I was riding a cock and sucking another. Alka asked me to bend forward and even as she was being fucked, she parted my cunt lips and inserted another cock in my cunt. Now both men pushed their cocks slowly until they were buried to the hilt in my cunt. One other chap climbed on the bed and pushed his cock in my anus. Now all three cocks were fucking me. My whole body was shaking with the jerks they were giving as they were slamming their dicks to the full travel and their balls were slamming on my cunt and ass cheeks.

I was lost in a world of pleasure when I felt some hands were holding me, I opened eyes and saw two men were propping me up and put their cocks in my hands. I started masturbating them. Now I was engaging six cocks. By some miracle all of them came at the same time, filling all my holes and tits and face with warm, Sticky cum. The man who was fucking Alka was angry. He took out his cock glistening with Alka’s cunt juice was arguing that he also wanted to fuck me and was trying to push his cock also in my anus and was pulling my ass cheeks apart and was trying to shove it in.

I started shouting “Nooooo….” and Asma shook me up. I was awake drenched in sweat.

Asma gave me a curious look “You are having these dreams frequently. Better see some doctor” she advised. I said I would and completed my daily routines after they left. I took the pills as advised by Alka.

I left home in my car with a pounding heart. I did not know if, what I was doing was the wise thing, believing a woman I casually met in a mall.
It was not difficult to find the farm house. On a deserted stretch of road, I could easily make out the high compound walls with broken glasses stuck on top to prevent intruders. Even as I honked horn of my car I had half a mind to reverse and go back.

The gate opened almost immediately as if someone was waiting for me and was aware that I could lose nerve if they delayed even few seconds. I drove in and parked my car next to a Quails. There were no other cars. As I got down from car, a fair, medium built, smiling man approached me after closing the gate.

“Hi, I am Aamir, you must be PC” he said extending hand. I took it and he shook it warmly holding it in both hands.

“PC?” My mind was blank for few seconds. I suddenly recollected that the members named themselves after bollywood stars. I laughed.

“Yes, I am PC. Mr Amir Khan” I said. He led the way.

“Where are your cars?” I asked curiously.

“Alka picks us all at UIT Circle on Saturday evening at 4.30 PM and drops us on Sunday evening 8 PM. That way we don’t attract much attention” he answered.

The farm house was quite spacious surrounded by many trees and plantations. As I entered the farm house building I was mentally prepared to see Alka and Julee sucking cocks and being fucked. I was relieved to see all were dressed. It looked look like a corporate brunch and not a sex party.

Alka came running to me bouncing her heavy boobs in a loose tee shirt and hugged me.

“I am so glad you came. Listen cocks, here is the new cunt, PC” I was embarrassed by the introduction.

Men came and introduced themselves, Hritik, Salman, Shahrukh,Sunny,Ranbir,Aamir and Guru.

“Guru?”I asked incredulous.

He smiled.” I am a fan of Guru Dutt, You know old B&W star”

“OK, Snacks are ready, come every one, all cocks and cunts” it was announced by Julee. She saw me and came with a big smile and hugged me.
“Hi, PC, I am Bips” she had a friendly smile. I looked at her closely. She was size zero and proud of it. She was wearing a jean shorts so short it was almost like a panty. If she hadn’t shaved cunt, few strands of hair would have popped out. She had very fabulous Abs and thunderous thighs. Her navel was so deep and sensuous, it looked like meeting backbone.

She was wearing a checkered shirt tied below tits, more than three fourths were out, her jutting nipples showed she was not wearing a bra. Some ramp models of zero size look cadaverous, anorexic and repulsive but Julee was smashing. Her tits were like coconuts hung on a cloths hanger. The effect was a definite cock riser.

We helped ourselves to some delicious cookies and snacks. After we had sumptuous food, Aamir collected our mobiles, removed our sim cards and shifted them to basic phones without cameras and returned.

Then all of us moved to one huge bedroom. The bed was so huge six couples can fuck comfortably.

We all removed cloths without any self consciousness; all men’s cocks were erect and jumping. We three ladies lay on our backs and the men must have discussed plan of action. Two men each settled down for one lady. One man was kissing, sucking and squeezing tits while other man was licking our cunts. 7th man was Guru, he was squeezing which ever tit was free and giving his cock to suck and was like an errand boy.

Sunny and Aamir were my partners. Sunny started licking my cunt which was already flowing and Aamir was sucking my tits and pinching nipples and kissing. I closed my eyes in pleasure and enjoyed the sensation. I was already aroused so the moment he started poking my clit with tongue, I trembled and moaned loudly and squirted juice in Sunny’s mouth.

“Fuck me now” I told him pulling him by hair. He spread my legs and shoved his hot, throbbing cock, it went easily and he buried it to the hilt and then started fucking me wildly. I took Aamir’s cock and started sucking.

After ten minutes I asked them to interchange places. I sucked my juices off Sunny’s cock and sucked him. When I lightly grazed my teeth on his dick head he could not control and spilled wads of cum in my mouth. He brought water in a glass and I swallowed his cum. Now, Aamir was panting as he increased his speed and force and within few minutes he also filled my cunt.

As I was sucking his cum and my juices off his cock, Guru started fucking me. I told him I wanted to ride him and as I was riding, my jumping boobs and hair must have been a treat to the eyes. Sunny was sucking my boobs and he was again ready. I smiled at him and asked him if he ever fucked anus.

He was shocked. He told that he enjoyed but neither his wife nor Kat or Bips were keen on it.

I was shocked.

I asked Alka who was getting fucked by Sharukh “Is it true you don’t get fucked in anus?”

She was squeezing her massive tits as Salman was unable to cover them with his hands and mouth,

“No. we never tried. It is too painful” she answered with her voice breaking.

“Nonsense, I was being fucked in the anus since I was 16” I told her and asked Sunny if he was ready. He was enthusiastic. Even as Guru was fucking me in the cunt, Sunny climbed on the bed, positioned himself and slowly inserted his cock in my anus and fucked me slowly at first and then pounded with equal force as Guru and both filled my cunt and anus almost at the same time.

As I lay exhausted on Guru, satiated, I heard clapping and opened eyes with a start. All of them were clapping and some were whistling.

“My god, what a performance! I told you, you are an Olympic fuck machine. You have reached orgasm and made 3 men cum even before we warmed up” Alka was gushing as Salman was filling her cunt. Julee was also fucked by Hritik and Ranbir.

After first two rounds were over, they asked my guidance as to how to get fucked in anus and enjoy. During next round I selected Aamir whose cock was slightly thinner and made him fuck in the ass after applying cream. I told them to learn slowly and not to overdo it.

I became star attraction, All men wanted to fuck me in the anus and cunt. They were also enjoying the new sensation of a fresh cunt.

Saturdaynight and Sunday passed in a whirr. Alka was right. I think I am an Olympic caliber fucking machine. When Alka and Julee were exhausted and wanted longer gaps I was pushing all men to get their cocks up and fuck me. They could not believe their eyes when I took two cocks in cunt, one in anus, one in mouth and masturbating two cocks. At one time I engaged all 7 cocks. I licked two cocks simultaneously.
Sunny and I were the ones still going strong by Monday evening. Rest all of them were very tired.

Now, I look forward to weekends eagerly. Alka and Julee found many new cocks, we reached 20. I told them we will hold it there. 3 cunts cannot take any further load. Now, both are enjoying anal. So 3 of us can take 3 men at a time, so we are able to manage.

We don’t want to take any more new cunts either and now my life is not a sexual desert, it is a sexual rain forest, with as many cocks as there are trees. My BF, Karim, Salim, Ajim and my 20 sex party cocks, not to mention my hubby Usman………………..yes, I am indeed very happy, satiated.

Sara is now accompanying Asma daily to get fucked by Asma’s uncles, Cousins and nephews after Karim goes to office and kids to school. If for any reason my weekend kitty party is cancelled then I may accompany them……………….

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