I Always Wanted My First Time To Be Special And Awesome – Part I

I was 18. Life was good except I hadn’t had sex yet. Of course I had made out with a few guys in my class but their clammy inexperienced hands led me nowhere. I wanted my first time to be special but that feeling was quickly overpowered by the overwhelming hormones.
And then I saw him on a Friday night. He wasn’t the hottest guy I had ever seen but he was Mark. Taking that name now gives me a tingle. It was a party for the students of the college to meet the benefactors who would be sponsoring their scholarship and providing finances for the luxurious research work. We hit it off from the first instance. And no, I do not mean that we talked about research or studies, we just writhed from inside while people around us kept talking.
I instantly knew what he was felling but wanted to be sure before I directly approach him. As he went to get his drink, I brushed of my right boob over his arms. I don’t know what he felt but I became wetter than a river in rainy season. He became distant and aloof after that. While he was giving a speech about his alma mater and how glad he was to contribute, I asked my Professor about him casually.
“Oh Mark, has been donating for years, divorced, his daughter is here too. In fact I think she is in your class.”
I turned to where the professor was pointing and I saw a plain girl with the dullest expressions on her face. After he finished his speech, I, with my heart beating out of my chest asked him a few evidently unnecessary and vague questions. We were sitting at one of the tables facing each other while others were listening to the next person’s speech. He turned to me and whispered.
“It can’t do this; I have a daughter your age.”
My boob was still on fire from where he had brushed against me. I got up from the chair, bent down as if to tell him something important and said,
“I think that turns me on” and flicked his ear with my tongue. I walked to the balcony for some air and to get away from the cold sexy vibrations, he came behind me and handed me a paper. Tomorrow – 2 pm. I ll pick you up. It seemed strange that he wanted to do this in the middle of the day but whatever.
Dressed in my finest, he came up with his fancy car in front of my apartment at exactly 2. Took me for a late lunch but all this time he was distant. That worried me. He was caring but distant, gentle but distant while I wanted to be pampered. What did I know!
He talked in monosyllables. I nodded. Did not even attempt to touch me in the car, I was too scared to make a move. He parked, gave me a key and told me 27C. For a moment I didn’t want to go alone but I remembered his serious face, my wet pussy and I kept walking. I went to the huge apartment and stood in the center of the living room.
He came inside, locked the door, picked me up to the bedroom, pinned me against the door and whispered, “You are so beautiful. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since yesterday.”
Before I could reply he kissed me. His lips were hungry. His hands moving over my waist were hungry. He picked me up and with my legs around his waist he proceeded to remove my top. He did not tear it, he did it so slowly that I had to beg him to fuck me. He paid no attention to my silly please. He proceeded to lick my boobs while my legs were wrapped around him. He was playing with my boobs. He was hungry for me. He kept on saying this. He picked me up in the same position and threw me on top of the bed. I did not even realise that he began putting his dick inside me. He was still fully clothed with his dick out. My pants were down around my legs. When did all this happen? I proceeded to say something and he murmured in my ear,
“You are mine.”
If he did not know that it was my first time, he did not show so. As he went in, I busied myself in removing his shirt and by the time he entered me, my nails were digging in his back. I was loud. And suddenly realized that I might have become too loud, I muffled my moans over his shoulder when he said,
“Be loud”,
And when I hesitated, he pushed his dick harder. His balls were not hanging like most guys; they were compact and were almost spanking my ass. I said,
“Mark, yes like this.”
That seemed to put him over the edge and he went on and on. His every thrust was different. He went as I said, harder, faster, slower , slower , harder , harder, harder, harder, harder, I could not afford him to stop now. I was coming like never before. His dick was dripping my cum. And then that very moment, I heard him groan. He could only mumble, Oh, Oh as he went harder.
There is nothing more arousing that the sound of an older man groaning. The power you wield over this otherwise cold man was pushing me closer to another orgasm. I wanted to come again. His hands were on my clit and his dick kept on stroking. I touched his hairy chest as he buried his face in my neck and said,
”We’ll come together.”
“I am about to come”
And as I said that his groans became louder. And again I was coming on his dick while he emptied himself inside me. I kept on shouting, fuck yes, fuck yes, and fuck yes while my orgasm lasted for several seconds.
I looked at the clock and it was 6 pm. I was longing for him again, 2 minutes after coming two times on his dick when he said, “get ready for more, we have the whole night.”
To tell you more about myself, I had never been interested in older men. I was attracted to men in general and some very specific women (but that story comes later). I am 25 now, and having the experiences that I have had now, I would say that every girl should have a sugar daddy once. It is a special mixed feeling of control and dependence.
And when I say that Mark spoiled me for other guys, I really mean it. While masturbating, trying to look out for suitable porn, I usually end up with a old man and young girl fucking their brains out. The guy in the porn invariably has some far-off resemblance to Mark and I don’t mean his face.
Back to the story where I was lying down on the bad, fully sated with two toe curling orgasms. I drifted off to sleep with my hands around Mark while he talked on the phone. I must have woken up an hour later with his hands around my neck. He was softly caressing me while his dick was on my face. Before I could be fully awake, it grew to double its size and slid into my mouth.
And he started moving. The pressure of satisfying him was mounting on me. I imagined all the gorgeous and experienced girls who must have passed through this bedroom. In that thought, I suddenly rolled my tongue over his dick and bobbed my head up and down, he cried in pleasure. That somehow gave me more confidence and I held his ass while I pushed him deeper inside.
After a while he pulled it out and starting striking my face with his dick. He especially loved when it made a slimy sound of his own pre cum and my saliva hitting my face. He started deep throat me as my hands had gone down to my pussy. The orgasm building in me was making me speak filthy things, I could never imagine otherwise.
“You do, you want a young pussy for you old dick, it is tight enough for you.”
I buckled under him as I came while he kept gyrating on me.
“Give me that”
He said about my cum all over my fingers. He did not lick them just smelled them.
“ Where do you want to come”
I asked as he was going faster.
“ Your ass “
And within seconds, I was on my stomach while he came on my ass; rubbing his cum on my asshole. I was rubbing my pussy with the bed as he cried in pleasure.
And then he did something, which none of the guys after him have done. 15 seconds after coming, he turned me over, put his finger in my pussy and started to finger fuck me. His fingers, unlike his body, were fat.
Not pudgy but fat and long. He stroked me and while holding me kept repeating,
“Come for me”
“Come for me”
“Come for me”
He said again and again and again, till I did.


I Always Wanted My First Time To Be Special And Awesome

I Wanted My First Time To Be Special

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Encounter Of My Sweet Cousin

My name is Rahul. Mera age 22 ka hain. Or cousin ka age 18 hain. Meri cousin ka name Puja hai. Us waqt men apne intermediate ke exams ki tiyari kar raha tha to garmiyan thi is liay men sham ko chat pe ja k parhta tha sham ko chat pe achi hawa lagti thi. Woh 12th class men parhti thi. Aik din us ki mother ne mujh se kaha k fariha ko b parhaya karo us ki english boht weak thi is liay men ne us ko parhana start kiya. Woh apne books le kar uper ayi aur mere sath beth gai. Men ne us ko parhana start kiya.
Aik din hamare ghar wale paros men shadi pe gae hue the to men ne us ko kaha k mere kamre men doodh le kar aao. To woh doodh lene ke liay kitchen men chali gai aur men apne room men chala gaya aur apna computer on kiya us din men market se xxx film le kar aya tha. Men ne jeb se film nikal kar table per rakhi aur men bothroom men chala gaya to woh kamre men ayi aur doodh table per rakha to us ne xxx film ki paking men jo tasweer thi woh dekh li us men jo scene tha us men larki ki choot men lun dala hua tha.
Men jese hi bothroom se bahar nikla woh meri taraf dekh k us ne apna mu kharab kiya meri taraf dekha aur chali gai. Men ne raat ko woh movie dekhi sham ko men jab parhne k liay chat per gaya to woh b routine k hisab se aa gai parhne k liay.
Jese woh bethi men ne us se pucha k raat tum mu kharab kar ke kyun dekh rahi thi meri taraf. To woh boli kya tha us tasweer men to men ne kaha tumhen pata nahi kya to boli ke peshab karne ki jaga pe itna mota kya dala hua tha us men to itni jaga nahi hoti. To men ne us ko kaha k us men lun dala hua tha to woh boli itna mota dalne se to phat jati to men bola nahi phatti. Us ne kaha k kitna dard hota hoga us ko. Men bola dard nahi hota boht maza atai hai aur bola ke maza lena chahti ho? Wo boli kese ae ga to men bola k raat ko kamre men aana bataun ga. Us ne kaha theek hai.
Raat ko woh 10 baje mere room men ayi aur kaha fayaz abi dilwao maza men ne kaha jab sab so jaen tab aana aur kisi ko batana nahi. Woh bili theek hai.
Raat ko 1 baje us ne mere room ka darwaza kholne ki koshish ki per lock tha mujhe pata laga k garwaze pe koi hai aur men ne darwaza khola to fariha thi. Us ne kaha sab so gae hen. Men ne kaha k andar aa jao. Woh adar aae aur men kamra lock kar diya. Us ko bed per bithaya aur computer men xxx film chala di jese film start hui us men kissing ka scene chal raha tha us k baad us ne larki k breast per hatha lagaya aur masalne laga aur shirt utar di aur breast chusne laga. Men ne fariha ke lips per apne lips rakh diay aur chusne laga us ne mujhe jhatke se door kiya aur kehne lagi yeh kya kar rahe ho men ne kaha maza kese lo gi to us ne kaha k maza aye ga aese kya? Men ne kaha maza lena hai to jo men karun chup raho phi r dekho kitna maza ata hai.
Men ne phir apne lips us k lips per rakh diay aur us breast dabane laga aahista aahista apna hath us ki choot tak le aya aur us ki choot ki masalne laga. Thori der baad us ko maza ane laga to boli maza aa raha hai men ne kaha abi to aur maza aye ga.
Men us k lips chusta raha 15 mint k bad men ne us ko kameez utarne ke liay kaha to us ne utar di us ne sab se chote size ka brazear pehna tha kya breast the us k chote chote. Men ne us k breast ko chusna shru kiya 10 mint men us k breast ko cumta aur chusta raha us k baad men ne us ki shalwar b utar di aur woh mere samne bilkul nangi thi. Aur men ne apne sare kapre b utar diay aur us ko bed per sidha lita diya aur us k pure jism ko chumne aur chatne laga thori der aisa larne k baad men ne apni aik finger us ki choot men dal di aur andar bahar karne laga. Us ko dard hone laga mujhe kehne lagi dard ho raha hai bahar nikalo men ne kaha 2 mint ruk jao maza aye ga.
Thori der bad us ki choot gili hone lagi aur us ko maza aane laga thori der baad men ne apni dusti finger bhi us ki choot men dal gi woh tarapne lagi k dard ho raha hi men nahi ruka aur slow andar bahar karta raha.
Thori der bad men us k uper let gaya aur apna lun us ki choot per rakh diya mera lun 1.5 inch mota aur 7 inch lamba hai. Men ne us ki choot per apna lun rakh diya aur apne lips us k lips per rakh diay aur slow slow us ki choot men dalne laga jese mera lun 1 inch andar gaya woh chilai kehne lagi bahar nikalo miri phat jae gi men ne kaha jaan thora sabr karo boht maza aye ga aur men thori der ruk gaya.
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Men ne aahista aahista apni speed barha di itne men woh jhar gai us ko aur b ziada maza aane laga men abi tak nahi jhara tha men jhatke deta raha 5 mint baad men b jhar gaya us ki choot men aur woh 2 bara jhar gai ham dono sath hi khar gae. Thori der tak ham aik dusre se lipte rahe aue aik dusre ko chumte rahe. Agar app ko mere yeh story pasand aye toh mujhe mail jaror karna.


Encounter Of My Sweet Cousin

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Choda Bhabhi Ko Aur Piya Doodh

Mai shreyas aapako meri real story bata raha hu. Mai ekadum handsome hu aur meri height 5.8′ hai. Aur meri lund ka size 7′ hai. Ab mai apani bhabi ke bare me batata hu.. Wo ekadum chikani hai aur unaki shadi abhi abhi hui hai. Unaka fig hai 36 28 36. Aur wo ekadum sexy hai..
Mere man me bhabhi ko chodaneka koi khayal nahi tha lekin Ye jin dino ki bat hai jab me 12th pass kiya tha aur degree ke admission chalu hui the. bhabi mere gharake pass hi rahati hai. Unaka nam shaila Hai. Ek din mai unake ghar chala gaya unke bacche ko lene, tabhi mene dekha ki wo unake bacche ko doodh pila rahi thi. Aur me jab waha gaya to unhone kuch nahi kiya aur vaisehi doodh pilane lagi aur poocha ki kya chahiye shreyas? tabhi maine kaha ki mai munna ko lene aaya hu. To bhabi boli ki jara rukh jao mai doodh pilane ke bad deti hu.. Aur bhabi ne unaka ek boob munna ke muh me de diya aur mujhe wo saf dikh raha tha unaka safed doodh se bhara boob.
Tabhi mera lund khada ho gaya aur me bola bhabi mai thodi der me ata hu to bhabi boli ki thodi der rukho aur ese le jana. Aur mai rukh gaya. Mai unaki boob ki taraf hi dekh raha tha tabhi mera man hua ki bhabi chodaneme bada maja degi yar. Aur mai bhabi ko tabase vaisehi najar se dekhane laga. Aur unake ghar chala jata jab wo munna ko doodh pilati tab. Bhabi ko bhi samaj agaya tha ki mai kyu ata hu…
Ek din jab mai chat pe chair pe baitha tha tabhi bhabi kapade sukane aai aur mai unako dekha to wo ekadum sexy lag rahi thi aur wo bhigi hui thi unke nipple saf dikh the tab mera khada ho gaya aur kepri fati hui thi. Tabhi mujhe laga bhabi ko lund dikhate hai aur maine apana lund chipakese thoda bahar nikala us fati pant mese. Aur bhabi ne mujhe deka aur bate karane lagi tabhi unhe mera lund dikha aur wo apana kam chod kar mujhase bate karane lagi aur lund dekh rahi thi.. Tabhi mujhe nichese awaj aai aur mai chala gaya.
Aur ek din aa hi gaya jab unake pati delhi gaye the aur unake sas-sasur shadi mai gai the.. Bhabine mujhe bulaya aur kaha aaj gharape koi nahi hai kya tum munna ka khayal rakhoge? tabhi mai man gaya. Aur munne ko khilane laga. Tabhi mujhe khayal aya ki bhabi ke boobs dekhte hai aur maine munna ko jorase chimati kati aur munna rone laga. Tabhi bhabi aai aur pucha kya hua tabhi maine kaha bhook lagi hogi aur bhabi ne use wahi lekar use doodh pilane lagi.. Aur me wahi baith gaya aur dekhane laga.
Jab bhabine blouse ke button khole aur sirf ek button rahane diya tab unaka ek boob munna ke muh me aur dusareka nipple mujhe saf dikhai de raha tha tabhi mera lund khada ho gaya aur saf dikhai de raha tha pant me se. Bhabi ne use dekh liya tha aur unhone apani sari ghutano ke upar le li thi aur unaki lal colour ki panti mujhe saf dikhai de rahi thi. Mera lund meri pant phadanehi wala tha. Aur bhabi munna ka lauda hat dekh rahi thi aur use sehala rahi thi.aur wo so gaya. Mai samaj gaya tha ki bhabi bhi kya chahati hai. Magar mai dar raha tha. Bhabi boli ese uthao aur mujhe kam karane do mai uthane gaya to bhabi ka boob khula hi tha jab maine munna ko uthaya tab thoda press kiya aur usamese thoda doodh mere hath ko lag gaya aur bhabine tabhi ahh… Aisi avaj nikali ..aur maine munna ko bed par rakha.
Tabhi bhabine avaj lagai aur kaha mujhe wo dabba nikal do mai bola wo etani door hai mai kaise nikalu to woh boli ki mujhe uthao to maine unako uthaya to aise uthaya ki unake nabhi par hath ferakar unko uthaya to unaki ass mere lund se touch kar rahi thi aur hum dono maja le rahe the aur jab dibba nikala aur maine unhe niche rakha to unke boobs mere hato ko touch kar rahe the aur bhabi kuch nahi bol rahi thi.
Hum waise hi khade rahe aur mera lund unke ass hole me sadi ke upar se ghus chuka tha bhabine jab usamese chawal nikale aur phir maine bhabiko uthaya tab mera ek hath unaki chut ko laga tab mujhe laga ki unaki chut gili ho chuki hai aur bhabi garam ho chuki hai.. Maine unko niche utara aur wo thoda niche jhuki kuch nikalane tab unaki kamar me moch agai tabhi mujhe kaha ki muje thoda tel laga do kamar me.. maine unhe bed pe letaya aur oil lene gaya aur aya to dekha ki bhabi leti hui hai tabhi mai bola bhabi aapka blouse kharab ho jayega..
Tabhi bhabine aapana blouse nikal liya ab unake boobs saf dikh rahe the. Tabhi mai malish karane laga kamar ki malish karate karate bhabi boli thoda upar karo tab mai pith ki malish karane laga aur thoda niche chala gaya aur boobs ko touch karane laga tabhi bhabi kuch nahi boli aur jo boobs niche dabaye hue the wo khule chod diye. Mujhase raha nahi gaya aur mai malish karate karate unko dabane laga aur bhabhi sisakiya lene lagi aur boli raja mai kabase tumase chudawana chahati thi aaj mujhe tu chod de. Aur maine unko pura nanga kar diya.aur usane mujhe. Aur doodh pine laga aur dono boobs khali kar diye aur usaki choot chatane laga aur wo mera lauda chatane lagi aur 10 min. Bad boli ki raja aur na tadapa . Tab maine apana lund usaki gili chut me dal diya aur jhatake marane laga aur hum dono 20 min ke bad jhad gaye aur ek dusareke upar so gaye.


Choda Bhabhi Ko Aur Piya Doodh

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Deep-My Married Girlfriend

Hi, i cant tell my name. Meri gf ka naam deep hai. Wo mere saath office mein hai. Ye baat hai 2007 ki, jab hamne ek saath office mein join kia tha. Use mere bagalwali seat mili; hum log kaam v karte aur ek dusre ki baat v share karte the. Hun jald hi ache dost ban gaye.
Fir 2008 mein uski shadi ho gai, usne bataya ki uski shadi love marriage hai, jisse wo 8 saal pehle se pyar karti thi. Uske ghar walon ke khilaf jakar usne us ladke se shadi kar li thi. Din bitte gaye, aur hamari dosti badhti gayi,,, vo to mujhe yaha tak kahti thi ki,,, agar tum mujhe pehle mile hote to shayad main tumse shadi kar leti…. Main uski khub badai karta tha….Uska husband roj sham ko office se lene aata tha.
Ek din kuch kaam hone ki wajah se nahi aa paya. Usne mujhse bola ki kya tum mujhe ghar chod doge. Mainne kaha thik hai. Hum dono office se nikle or ek rickshaw kiya. Hum dono rickshaw par baith gaye. Halki andher ho chuki thi. Main pehli baar uske etne karib baitha tha. She was smelling wonderful. Maine apna ek haath piche piya or uske pith par rakha. Mujhe apne haath se uske bra ka strip mahsus ho raha tha. Maine pucha ye kya hai… Wo mujh par gussa ho gai or boli.. Ye tum kya kar rahe ho, par hatne ke liye nahi kaha. Main uski pith ko rub karta raha, use v shayad acha lag raha tha.
Fir raste mein kuch sannata tha. Maine apne haath ko uske or piche le gaya or uske boobs ko touch kiya. Usne kuch nahi bola or usne apne dupatte se mera haath dhak diya ki koi dekh na le. Meri himmat or badh gayi, maine uske ek boobs ko piche se or dusre haath se dusre boobs ko pakadkar minjne laga… Main pehli baar kisi ka boobs touch kar raha tha. Meri saanse tej ho rahi thi.
Usne bola tumhari halat to itne me hi kharab ho rahi hai.. Aage kya karoge. Main bas uski boobs mein laga the. Phir wo ghar pahunch gai. Maine kaha main v ghar chalu to usne kaha ki, uske husband kavi vi aa jaenge. Kal milenge hum log.
Next day–>usne bola, ki aaj mujhe shopping karni hai,, mere sath chaloge.. Main maan gaya or hum dono market gaye. Usne ladies market se apne liye cosmetics kharida. Fir hum khane ke liye ek restaurant me gaye, wo restaurant sirf couples ke liye tha. Hum v ek cabin me jakar baith gaye or chowmin ke liye order kiya. Maine apna hath uske thies par rakha. Usne kaha tum mere ek ache dost ho or dost hi raho, main shadi suda hun, mera husband hai. Maine kuch nahi socha or phir se uska boobs pakadkar sehlane laga,,,
Kuch der to usne mana kiya, par jab main nahi mana to usne v mujhe respond karna suru kar diya. Usne mere lund par haath rakh diya, usne kaha tumhara to kafi lamba hai, maine pucha tumhare husband ka kaisa hai. Usne kaha tumhara to mere husband se kafi bada hai. Phir maine uske boobs ka size – pucha to usne nahi bataya. Usne kaha tum khud hi haath se andaza lagalo. Phir maine guess kiya- > 30, usne kaha no. Phir maine bola -> 34, usne bola no, thoda kam. To maine kaha 32. To usne kuch nahi bola, main jaan gaya ki uske boobs 32’’ hain. Maine khub maje liye, boobs dabakar. Or phir office se phone aaya or hum chale gaye.
Usne sunday ko apne ghar aane ke liye mujhe kaha, main uske ghar gaya or office ki ek or ladki v aai. Hum logo ne khana khaya lekin mujhe koi v mauka haath nahi laga use touch karne ka kyunki, waha uska hubby v tha. Phir sham ho gai or office ki dusri ladki ne deep se kaha ki, sham kafi ho gai hai, kya tumhare husbad mujhe bike se ghar chod denge? Usne apne husbad ko kaha or wo use chodne chala gaya. Uska ghar approx 12 km dur the. Islie traffic lagakar karib 1 ghante lag jate. Uske husbad ke jate hi maine ghar ka door band kar liya. Usne mujhe rokne ki koshish ki or kaha,,, plz aisa mat karo mere husband kavi v aa jaengen.
Maine kaha vo to 1 hrs. Baad hi aa sakten hain. Phir maine uska haath pakadkar uske bed room me le gaya or use bed bar lita diya. Usne mujhe ek slap kiya or khub danta. Maine v use jor se parkra or lip kiss karne laga. Wo bahot kosis kar rahi thi, but main v nahi mana, or use bed par litakar, uska top upar kiya. Uska bra dikhne laga, ab to main control se bahar ho gaya or uska top khinch kar khol diya or uske bra ka strap niche kar ke uske boobs munh me le liya. Use thodi der baad maja aane laga. Usne bola or zor se chuso, tumhara lund kahan hain. Maine aisa sun kar or josh badh gaya or main pagal go gaya.
Phir maine pucha tumhara husband tumhe satisfy nahi karta kay .. Usne kaha aisi baat nahi hai, but tum mujhe bahot ache lagte ho, bas dar lagta hai ki kahi koi dekh naa le. Maine kaha deep, agar tum sath do to hum 15 mintue me apna kaar kar lenge or kisi ko pata nahi chalega, phir usne mere pure kapde utar diye. Wo mera lund lekar chusne lagi, mujhe bahot maza aa raha tha. Maine kaha common deep, fuck me hard. Phir usne apna trouser utar diya or mere upar let gai. Maine use khincha or uske upar aa gaya or bola, mera lund pakdo or apne bur pe sahi position par rakho, usne waisa hi kiya. Maine zor lagaya or ek baar me pura lund andar chala gaya.
Wo bahot zor se chilla rahi thi or chodne ke liye kah rahi thi. Main ruka nahi or apni speed or badha di. Phir wo 2 min baad jhad gayee or ekdam shant ho gai, main ab v chode jaa raha tha, maine pucha kya hua, itni jaldi jhad gai, to hasne lagi. Wo mere seene ko chum rahi thi, phir main v jhad gaya, or shant ho ke uske boobs par hi so gaya, adhe ghante baad usne mujhe uthaya, or hamne apne kapde pehne. Or main waha se chala gaya.


Deep-My Married Girlfriend

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Karishma Aunty Bani Meri Diwani Mujhse Chud Ke

Hi all, OSS readers mera name wish(name changed) he me gujrat ke rajkot ka rehne wala hu height 5’11 he or athletic body he. Agar koi girl unsatisfied bhabhi ya aunty satisfy hona chate he to mail karne ke liye meri purani wali story ki link niche di hui he wahi se mera email id mil jayega aapko sab kuch secret rahega.
Sidhe point pe aate he ye ghatna 3 months purani he.Ye ghatna jan ne se pehle ye jiski wajh se hua wo jan lijie aap ne meri last story to padhi hi hogi “daksha aunty ne muje apna pati banya” na padhi ho to
Is me daksha(name changed) aunty ne muje apna pati man liya aur mene kese usko physically and mentally satisfy kia. Ye batya he aur phir maine usko kayi baar differnt different styles me choda or ek baar to hum honeymoon pe bhi gye the wo sab baat janne ke liye muje mail kre me usi me wo sab bataunga mera mail id aapko daksha aunty wali story me mill jayega or agar koi unsatisfied girl,bhabhi ya aunty satisfy hona chate he to mail kare sab kuch secret rahega.
To ab time waste na krte hue sidhe point pe aata hu ye koi story nahi he ye real ghtna he. Jis aunty ko me satisfy kr raha hu unki ek relative he uska name karishma(name changed) bahut badhiya maal he yaaro kya batau ek baar karishma ne daksha ko apni problem batayi(wo dono ek dusre se problems share krte he) ki uska pati use thik tariqe se satisfy nhi kr pata or uski pyas adhoori reh jati he or unka man krta he ki kisi bahar wale se affair kia jaye to aunty ne unko mana kr diya ki nhi ise unki bahot badnami ho sakti he pr aunty ne karishma ko rasta dikhaya ki unki najar me ek ladka he jo unhe puri tarah se satisfy kr sakta he (jo ki me) pr krishma ne kaha ki ye baat secret rehni chiye to aunty ne kaha chinta mat karo ye bat hum tino ke bich me hi rahegi kisi ko pata nhi chlega or ladka pura bhrose ke layak he or chinta ki koi baat nhi he. Agar tum chao to me usse tumhari mulakat krwa du to karishma ne kaha aaj nhi do din baad mere pati business ke kam se bahar ja rahe tabhi krenege pr abhi muje us ladke ko dekhna he to aunty muje call kr ke sab kuch samjaya or unke ghar bulaya.
Phir me unke ghar gaya or phir mene us karishma ko dekha me to dekhta hi reh gaya kitni gori thi yaro wo aisi gori ki agar thodi der me jor se uska hath pakdlu to lal ho jaye aisi gori thi fir wo ghur ghur ke muje dekhne lagi or me usse wo saree phan ke aayi thi kya maal lag rahi thi or aunty fir baat age badhate hue kaha ki yahi he wo ladka wish (name changed) or ye achhe tariqe se janta he ki ek aurat ko kya kab or kitna chahiye or thodi der taq meri tarif qi or uske baad karishma ne baat badhate hue muje apni problem batayi or usne aunty ko ishara kiya to wo bahar chali gyi room mese or wo mere karib aake beth gyi or(mene uska hath apne hath mele liya or me uske hatho ko sehlane laga) muje detail me apna problem btane lagi ki wo jab bhi apne pati ke sath sex krti he to uska pati to satisfy ho jata he lekin karishma satisfy nhi hoti or uska pati fir so jata he or karishma ki pyas adhuri reh jati he.
Uske baad maine sidhe uske hotho pe ek lambi kiss ki pehli kiss itni majedar lagi use ki uski ankho me hawas muje saaf dikhayi de rahi thi or uske baad uske boobs se khelne laga or wo bhi ek dum maje me aawaje niklne lagi krib 20 minutes taq hmne aise hi foreplay kia or wo kehne lagi ki usse mera lund dekhna he fir mene bhi ek shart rakhi ki me dikhaunga pr karishma ko usse mooh me lena hoga or wo maan gyi bola ki chalo dikhao to mene kaha khud hi nikal lo or usne meri zip kholi mera tight ho chuka tha to underwear me hi tambu ban gaya tha or usne bade maje se usse bhahar nikala or dekhti hi reh gyi mene puchha kya hua to wo kehne lagi ki daksha sahi kehti hi tum hi ho jo muje puri tarah se satisfy kr sakte ho or bade maje so wo mera lene lagi muh me or fir thodi baad mere balls ko bhi suck kia or uske baad me uski sadi nikal ne laga to wo kehne lagi abhi nhi 2 din baad mere pati business ke kaam se bahar ja rahe he tabhi mere ghar pe aana or fir tum jo kaho ge wo me karungi.
Mene kaha thik he lekin abhi mere khade lund kya usse shant kese karenge to wo boli me abhi nhi kr sakti muje ghar jana he 2 din baad hi sub kuch hoga mene kaha thik 2 din baad me aaunga tumhare ghar pe or phir jo me bolunga wo tumhe krna padega wo boli thik he or fir wo apne kapde thik krne lagi or me apne uske baad wo jane lagi to mene uska hath pakd ke apni taraf khich liya or diwal se laga ke usko ek dum tight wali hug ke sath kiss kia or fir usko jane diya or uske jane ke baad mene aunty ke boobs press krte hue kaha ki ye mera khada krke gyi uska kya use tumhe sulana padega to usne kaha ki kyon nhi or fir humne bade maje se chuday ki.
Fir 2 days ke baad me karishma ke ghar gaya or usne darwaja khola wo abhi abhi bath le ke nikli hogi uske baal bhi bhige hue the or thode kapde bhi or kya kahu wo jannat(heaven) ki pari(angel) se kam nhi lag rahi thi wo gora badan wo maintain kia hua figure wo mily or soft boobs wo gori gori kamar uski wo uske saree pahene ka sexy sa style me to use dekhta raha dil kia ki waqt(time) tham jaye aise hi fir usne mera dhyan htate hue kaha ki ghar me nahi ana? Mene kaha tumhari beauty dekh ke distract ho gya tha
Ab chalo aaj me tumhe chhod ne wala nhi hu to usne bhi kaha chhodngi to me nhi tumhe aaj pura kha jaungi tumhe kyi salo ke baad aaj meri pyas bujne ja rahi he jaldi kro ab der bardasht nhi hoti jaldi karo or me andar ja ke sofe pe baith gaya or wo kitchen me ja rhi thi mere liye colddrink bnane ke liye mene use rok ke sofe pe le gya or apni godi me bitha kr uske jism se khelne laga uski hair me se kitni achhi or mithi(sweet) smell aa rahi thi bahot maja aa raha tha mene usse wahi pr itna garam kr diya ki aawaje nikalne lagi or jor se sanse lene lagi fir me utha or usse apni godi me uthaya or use uske bed room me le gaya.
Fir use palang pe lita ke darwaja bandh kia or us pr chadh gaya 15 minutes taq usse kisses hi krta raha or uske baad uske bobbs press krne laga or fir dhire dhire bade pyar se us ki body ko kiss krte hue uske kapde utarne laga thodi der me wo nangi ho gyi or uske baad wo mere upar aa gyi or mere shirt ke butoon khol ke meri chest pe kiss krne lagi or usi pyar se usne muje bhi naga kr diya or uske baad mere tane hue lund ko uske soft boobs ke bich me rakh ke upar niche krne lagi bahot maja aya bhot hi achhe boobs the uske.
Uske baad mene us ke upar aa gaya or uski chuchio ko pagalo ki trah maslne laga or bite krne laga or kiss or boobs se 20 minutes taq khelta raha or wo sexy sexy awaje nikalne lagi aah oohhhhhhhhh wishhhhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhhh wisssssshhhhhhh aahhhhhh ohhhhhhhh wo itni mast ho gyi ki wo kehne lgai ki ab itna bhi mat tadpao na janu me itna bada lund apne andar lene ke liye mari ja rahi hu jaldi karo darling ise andar dalo or uske baad me uski chhoth pe kiss kia or ungli krne laga kbhi suck krta to kabhi ungli krta wo to usi me jadh gyi uske baad me fir uppar aake kiss or boobs se khelne laga or thodi der khelne baad uski kamar(waist) ke niche do takie rakhe taki chodne me maja aaye or mene apna lund uski chooth pe tikaya or ek hi dhake me 75% andar chala gya or woh chila uthi aayiiii maaaaa marr gayiiii meriiiiii faddddd diiiiiiii
Fir karishma ko dard ho raha tha uske aanko se aansu ane lage the wo bolne lagi mere pati ka tumhare jitna bada nahi he isiliye itna lamba mota lene ki adat nahi he please aaram se karo na me kaha bhagi ja rahi hu pure 2 dino tak tumhari hu or tum mere ho fir mene bhi hosh se kaam liya or thoda pyar krne laga uske boobs dabaye boobs suck kia or jaise hi uska dhayan divert hua mene pura lund andar dal diya wo fir chilane ki koshish ki lekin pehle hi mene apne hoth uske hoth pe rakh diye the to awaz nahi nikali lekin ankho mese ansu nikle.
Karishma kehne lagi usse dard ho raha he lekin mene uski ek nahi suni kyonki itni sexy aunty agar hath me aayi to usse koi chhodta he bhala mene kaha thodi der me thik ho jayega ye itna mota first time liya usi ki wajah se dard he thodi der me sab normal ho jayega or apne dhake continue kie or mene apne dhako ki speed tez kardi or uski aankh mese aansoo nikal rahe the me to apni masti me tha mene uski chuth ko karib 25 minutes choda hoga us bich wo 2 times jadh gayi fir mene apna maal uski chuth me hi chod diya or usse kiss karne laga or boobs ke sath khel raha tha or hum dono puri tarah se apne pasine me bhige hue the to mene kaha chalo sath me bath lete he fir hum masti krte hue bath gye or bath tub me pani bhar ke ussme bhi humne kafi der tak masti romance kia.
Fir uske baad shower lene gye waha uski gaand pe mera dil aa gaya or usko apni traf palat ke usko paglo ki tarah kiss karne laga to wo boli abhi tak ji nahi bahara tumhara to mene kaha agar tumhare jaisi khobsurat pari(beatuiful angel) mere paas ho to ji kaise bharega me to usse roz chodta fir mene uski gaand apni or ki or uspe lund ragad ne laga to aunty kaha please meri gaand mat maro kyonki mene puri life kisi ne meri gaand nahi maari or mene suna he ki usme dard bhi bahot hota he to mene kaha chinta mat karo tumhe jara bhi dard nahi hoga par wo maan hi nahi rahi thi fir mene usse thode kiss kie or usse kaha ki tumne kaha tha ki jo me chunga wo tum karogi or muje tumhari sexy si gaand marni he
Fir thodi der pyar se mana ne pr wo maan gyi mene jat se shower off kia or uski gand ke ched par vaseline laga ne laga or apne lund pe bahot vaseline lagaya fir uski gaand me do ungli dal ke uske gaand ke ched ko bada karne laga taki usse dard kam ho fir tin ungli or fir ek dhake mene apna adha lund uski gaand me dal diya or chikh padi wish aaram se karo na me kaha ja rahi hu yahi hu ye sunte hi pagalo ki tarah uaki gaand marne laga 15 mins gand marne ke bad mera chootne wala tha to karishma ko bola apna mooh kholiye na to mene uske mooh me jadh gaya or wo mera sar cum pi gayi or boli kafi tasty tha or muje paglo ki tarah kiss karne lagi kaha ki aaj tak itna mazza puri life me nahi aaya or us din hum uske ghar me nage hi rahe or bahot masti ki
Phir rat ko suhagrat ki tyari bhi ki bed ko fulo se sajaya karishma apne sadi(marriage) ke jode me dudh ka glass leke room me aayi or room khusboo wali mombatiya(candels) bhi rakhi thi or phir hmne pati patni ki trah suhagrat manayi or us raat ko use do baar choda or fir subah ko wo naha ke coffe bnake muje uthane aayi to laga ki aise hi roj itna mast maal aise hi bhige balo or coffe ke sath muje uthaye to life kisi jannat (heaven) se kam nhi hogi fir mene usko kitni sari kisses or hug kie fir naha ke hum ready hoke married couple ki tarah romance krte hue ghumne gaye shopping ki movie dekhi or fir rat ko hotel me khana kha kr ghar wapas aaye or fir raat ko fir se mene use 3 baar choda wo to itni khus ho gyi ki usne muje kaha ki itna maja usse puri life me nahi aaya.
Or usne muje kas ke hug ki or kiss krte hue kehne lagi ki aaj ke baad jab bhi mauka milega tab wo muje call kregi or fir hum ek dusre me kho jayenge mere man me to laduu foot rahe the ki itna mast maal mera diwana ho gaya ho or usne fir daksha ko bhi call kr ke bahot thanks kia use mujse mila ne me or karishma ne kaha ki daksha tum sahi kehti thi ki wish achhe tariqe se janta he ki ek aurat ko kya or kab kitna chahiye or fir muje jane ke liye late ho raha tha to mene usse ishare se kaha ki me ja raha hu or usse tight hug di kiss ki or boobs press kr ke fir nikal gaya apne ghar ke liye.
Or ab jabhi bhi mauka milta he to me daksha ko or karishma ko unhi ke ghar ja ke chod leta hu. Pr ab tak karishma ko pata nhi he ki me or daksha akele me pati patni ki tarah rehte he jab bhi uska beta or pati(real) kisi dusre city jate he to hum dono pati patni ki tarah hi rehte he.
Comments ke liye meri purani wali story ki link upar di hui he wahi se mera email id mil jayega aapko agr koi unsatisfied girl,bhabhi ya aunty satisfy hona chate he to mail karne ke liye meri purani wali story ki link upar di hui he wahi se mera email id mil jayega aapko sab secret rahega.


Karishma Aunty Bani Meri Diwani Mujhse Chud Ke

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First Time Having Sex With My Cousin

Hi, everyone. Myself Rajiv, this is my first story which happened 2 years ago with my lovely cousin, i am willing to write more stories for which i need your support, so please give me your feedback to mail id which is at the end after reading the story and support if you like my story. And those who expect immediate love making scenes this is not the one for u. This is a slow story please read with patience hope u people enjoy.
Coming to introduction i am an engineering student pursuing my degree in one of the reputed colleges in Karnataka. I stay in hostel and frequently visit my hometown. this story is about the incident between me and my cousin Raksha (Name changed ) who also stays in my hometown.
This incident happened two years ago it was during my holidays after my first year of college. Raksha had also completed her PU exams we used to visit each others house frequently, we were friends from childhood, i initially didn’t had any bad intentions for her but things keep changing right ?
It so happened one day that i had visited her home to bring something which my mom instructed me to. But apart from her no one was at their home she asked about my well being, studies all regular stuff. she told me to wait and went in. I sat down and waited for her mom. After 5 min i was bored i moved in to check what she was doing leaving me alone in hall. She was working in kitchen and told me to wait in hall and watch TV and she ll have her bath and join me. I said ok and came out.
After coming to hall i waited for her after 5 min i went to have some water, there i was shocked to see the view of my life. she was in her room after her bath in towel door left open standing in front of mirror singing hindi romantic song and looking at her figures. I was shocked to see her in the pose that white complexion thighs and little part of her back omg. All the dirty thoughts provoked me to rush into her room and grab her and make love to her.
I somehow managed to suppress my urge with great difficulty and came back and sat in hall. I was in my excitement my heartbeat was faster than normal i was not able to control my thoughts about having her. She came out and we started talking about her daily life and how she was bored of holidays sitting alone in home blah blah blah….!!! More than hearing i was just watching her assets i couldn’t take my eyes of her perfectly shaped boobs, her sexy lips and her cute face. Now i had decided in my mind to come with a plan to have her at any cost, we talked for some time her mom came i left her home taking what i had came for.
I came home i couldn’t stop thinking of that view. I read some cousin stories from ISS and watched some porn videos masturbated thinking of fucking her. I started planning and came with a idea of taking her to movie ( this is one of the best place guys ;) )to check her whether she is interested her not.
Tom morning i dialed her number and asked her for the movie she readily accepted even my parents or her parents didn’t refuse as i had told in the beginning only we were childhood buddies. It was a afternoon show i picked up her in my bike and went to the theater. we took tickets ( i planned to get a corner seat ) and went inside the theater. The movie started it was around the middle of first half i thought of executing the plan.
I started to move my hands as if i was feeling uncomfortable and started touching her. She was okay with it. I was happy :) Now placed my hand on her touching her shoulders with mine leaning towards her. she moved away from me and continued watching the movie. :( I cursed my luck and just continued watching the movie. After 20 min I directly placed my hand around her seat touching the other side of shoulder. She was lightly shocked and turned suddenly towards me I asked what ??.
She just smiled and said nothing. i thought this was the green signal and started massaging her lightly with my hands. she was busy in watching movie she was enjoying but was not ready to give any reply. i thought this was the opportunity ans lightly pressed her boobs from the sides. ( Oh my god that were so soft ) She suddenly turned and gave a surprised look i smiled she did smile and came near me and told me not here. ( I was in heaven floating with happiness at that time. )
I just gave her a broad smile and sat quiet, we completed the movie while coming back i took the worst road possible and even she also know why ;) along the road i was braking for even the small pits and was enjoying her boobs Even she sat very much closer to me and was enjoying the feel. I dropped her home and said her to text me when she is free. She gave a wicked smile and went in.
After few days i received a text from her mobile. ” Free and Alone in home till evening”, that’s it i told mom i ll go to my friend home, and was in front of her home in minutes. I rang the doorbell she opened the door and she opened the door invited me in and asked me with a wicked smile.. “How come u come home when i am alone only ?? ” I just smiled and said ” What to do.. someone texts me that Free and alone and invites me to her home “. I was not able to control i looked into her eyes closed the main door and pushed her to wall and was about to kiss her lips. she pushed me and ran away. i followed her she started playing with me at last i caught her in room pushed her to wall and kissed her lips this time she responded good and started sucking my lips we started exploring each other saliva and making a great french kiss. ( wow!!!! that was the first french kiss of my life ).
I started pressing her ass Ohh god that was so soft … and i moved my hands up and started slowly pressing her boobs she moaned with pleasure i started to kiss her face , neck. I picked her up in hands and moved her to the bed. i slowly started removing her top she was looking into my eyes and smiling i removed her bra and that was the first naked sight of boobs i was seeing in my life. I started sucking her boobs one by one she started moaning “ahhhh ahh ” I moved down to her lower part and slowly removed her skirt and started exploring her thighs i started kissing her legs from bottom to top slowly feeling every inch of her soft skin.i didnt had any urgency so, I moved up to her navel played with it all the time she was going high with pleasure and moaning with ecstasy. She was only in her panties.
I removed all my dress and stand naked in front of her. She was amused to see my dick for the first time she asked “can i touch it” ?? i just took her hand and placed it on my dick and started moving to and fro. my dick was in full size emitting precum i asked her to take it inside her mouth. She hesitated at first she agreed after lot of request. I explained her about the blowjob what to do she started following it perfectly she swallowed the whole dick in and she stated rolling her tongue all over the dick.. she sucked my balls played with my dick and started making a fast motion .. i was in cloud 7. cant explain the feel ..omg i started moaning and i was about to cum i told her i am going to cum she asked : WHAT ?? ” I cummed on her face directly. She looked at me angrily i said its ok. and said i ll clean it and pushed her on the bed and gave her a french kiss and started licking all her face and shared the taste with her.
Now it was my turn i moved to the heaven i removed her panties she covered her face with shyness.. i went upto her removed her hands kissed her face and sucked her lips at the same time i inserted my finger into her vagina. i started pressing her boobs in one hand sucking the other one biting her nipples and making motion with fingers in vagina. she moaned like calling my name “Rajiiivvvvv ahhhh ahhhh ” .
Now i started sucking her vagina inserted my tongue into it. started exploring the heaven she was moaning loudly and was pushing my head deeper in to her, juices started flowing i drank it and made her taste her own ..
Now she asked me to insert into her i started guiding my dick towards hole it was tight as she was virgin. she started to scream in pain and said she cant bear the pain. I stopped and kissed her lips and asked her for the Vaseline she pointed towards the table. i took it and added to my dick and slowly started inserting again she was trying to stop me because of pain. so i consoled her its ok and waited for few seconds and pushed suddenly she screamed with pain, blood started flowing as she had lost her virginity.
Now i started moving slowly and steadily increasing the phase and now she was enjoying. she was moaning “ahh ahhh ahhhhhh Rajivv ” i increased my full speed and after 5 min min i said i ll cum.. and she was also about to reach orgasm i continued doing it and both reached at the same time. i Just lied down on her with my dick in her hole sweating all over the body. The room was filled with our moans and sweat smell. I asked her how was it she said i want this daily,i smiled and I kissed her lips . And slept in her arms.
This was my first experience.


First Time Having Sex With My Cousin

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my first sex with my cousin

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My Cousin Sis And Me For A Whole Day

Hello friends, I am Raj from Indore Madhya Pradesh, I am 31 years old not married yet. I want to narrate a story which happened just 3 months ago.
I have a cousin sister named Nishita. This incident happened when I went to my mama ji (mom’s brother) home. My mamaji lives in Jhansi. He has a grocery store. My maami is just a good lady; she works as a teacher at nearby school. They have 2 kids; Nishita and Mohit. My sister is 20 years old. She is tall and has a slim fine figure with very fair skin, pretty face and sweet polite nature.
Nishita used to wear simple tight fitting salwar kurtas outside. But at home she used to wear skirts and jeans. She had a thin waist but an amazing ass to die for. She had a very thin sexy face. I never had any sexy thoughts for my sister, one morning all this changed forever.
One morning my sister told her mom that she is not feeling well and will not go to college, to which my aunt (mami) said ok as you wish but take care. We were all alone at home since her brother got to school. After having our breakfast, I was busy on the computer surfing Facebook.
Later when she was sitting near me, all of a sudden she asked me bro… What does the word virgin means? I was like speech less and do not know what to say, and then I told her that it’s a name of a cellular operator (just for the reply). To which she said no, in terms of any girl or boy. I knew she knows everything but was trying to play around with me. So I said I do not know that. She then said I know you are lying. So I said come on yaar I cannot talk that at least with you. Then she started laughing. Then she said. Are you a virgin? To which I said yes as I am not married yet. She said you should have fucked at least 2-3 of your girlfriends by this time. I said I do not have such kind of relationship with any of my friend.
Then she caught hold on my right hand and kept it on her left boob. And said bro how does it feel you? I really love you please make love to me. I could not believe my luck that gorgeous girl for whom anybody can die she is requesting to fuck me. I pressed her boob and put my lips over her lips. It was the first kiss I had. We kissed for around 7 minutes; I was pressing her boobs in between. Then she told me we should go to bedroom, to which I just picked her up laying one of my hand on her back and one hand on the legs. I took her to the bedroom and holding her waist threw her on the bed. Now I was real horny, I got on top of her, I kissed her passionately for 10 minutes and then came down and licked her white navel.
I was making circles with my tongue. She was moaning loudly. Then I lifted her up and removed her orange colored t-shirt. Then with her bra on I sucked her nipples for some moment. She said bro please remove the cloth and suck those breasts they are all yours today. I immediately UN-clipped her bra and threw it, watching her breast was an experience I can never forget, they were not so big yet 30 in size (which I asked her later) fair colored and with small pink nipples. I have a great passion for breasts I love to meld them in my hands and suckle them. Now without wasting any time I took her right boob in my mouth and sucked the nipple, it was an awesome feeling, she covered my face with her hands I was sucking with force and was flicking her nipples with my tongue inside my mouth and I was exchanging both breasts with my mouth and slightly biting the boobs. She was holding my head from behind and was pushing my mouth to her chest. I told her that I love her breasts. They are very beautiful.
She said bhai jitna ji chaahe inhe chus lena lekin ab mujhse control nahi ho raha please kuch karo. Then I stood up and asked her to remove her jeans. To which she did, I too removed my clothes in an instant and just got between her legs. I touched her vagina from above the panty. Then I asked her. Are you a virgin? She replied yes. Just make me yours bro. I love you very much, now I removed her panty and took my mouth near her pink pussy lips. As I touched my tip of tongue to her pussy lips she moaned loudly. I told her not to make much noise. I knew she is a virgin so I get off the bed. She said what happened? I told her to wait for 2 minutes. I switched on the TV in the room put the volume to 60 with a music channel. I came to bed and started licking and sucking her pussy.
Nishita was making hhssss eesss oh ooeeemaaaaa oooohhhh sound. After sucking her pussy for around 15 min, suddenly she shivered n started pouring juice in my mouth. This was the first time I tasted a girls juice and; it was so good to describe in words. Then I came on top and tried to insert my 6 inches long cock in her mouth and ordered her to suck. She said no bro please I cannot do it. I said its ok. I started sucking her boobs. After sometime she said please fuck me bro. I can’t take it anymore. So I got into position and started pushing my dick into her cunt in missionary position.
As she was a virgin so it was really hard for me to insert my dick in one go. She just shouted and I then covered her lips by mine and took her tongue in my mouth. I relaxed so that the pain goes off then after 2-3 minutes she was feeling relax. Her cunt was very tight but after 2 -3 hard strokes my dick went inside her pussy completely. It was so warm n fleshy n hot. I started fucking her at top speed. Blood from her pussy was on the bed sheet but we both didn’t care about it, we were engrossed in our own world of fucking. Sounds like phat fuch puch were spread all over the room.
Nishita was moaning, aaah fuck me bro meri choot ko faad do fuck me ohhhhhhhhh—hhmmmm. I gave violent strokes for 15 minutes.
Then when I was at the peak I removed the dick from her pussy and told her to stroke it with her hands. She said bro do you really want me to suck this, I said if you are comfortable then only. She just leaned down and took my dick in her mouth, she was sucking it like a newbie but with great passion with-in 2 minutes I discharged in her mouth; we both lied down. After 15 minutes I told her to suck my dick again; she said your dick tastes good and I would love to do that. She sucked my dick like a real lollipop slightly biting the tip of my dick with her teeth in 5-7 minutes my dick was hard again and I fucked her one more time. This time I loved her more passionately. I fucked her for 20 minutes slowly because I want to enjoy her boobs too while fucking her I bent and sucked her breasts too.
She said that she had a luckiest day in her life. I too kissed her head and said really sis, you gave me the pleasure that I was waiting till now. We kissed then and I told her to wake up and do all the cleaning. We both took that blood stained bed sheet to bathroom and poured water in the washing machine and washed it. By this time we hugged each other and kissed. At 4:00 pm my maami and her Mohit returned. Maami inquired her why is the bed sheet hanging on the rope. She said that she spilled coffee over it. So she washed it, mami said that you are not feeling well so you should not have done that. But she said bhaiya helped me a lot. I stayed there for 2 more days. We hugged and kissed whenever we got chance but never had a chance to fuck again.
After that we both realized that we both have done something wrong and should not have done that, we promised each-other to be good friends and not to have sex or anything like that more. Although we hug and kiss every time we meet up, I really love her do not know for what had gone between us or just because she is a good sister with very nice nature.
Friends please do write to me about what do you think of my story as it’s my first one.


My Cousin Sis And Me For A Whole Day

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Quality Time Spend With Mami

Hi I m rock (name changed) 21 years old from Punjab. I am a huge fan of oss; reading a lot of stories on this site. This site was introduced by my friend 3 years ago. And there’s hardly a day without oss. The main category of oss I like is incest. I read all the stories of incest and here’s what I am posting for. This is my first story on oss so please forgive me for my mistakes.
This story is of me and my mami. She is 34 years old with figure 36-28-32 and normal boobs (not so much big) she is 5’11” (too long). She is very beautiful, hot and sexy. Any men can get arouse by her beauty. And I, 5’7” normal structure (not so fat and not so slim).  Please give me feedback on this mail. Maximum feedback will encourage me for my next story I started thinking about her when I was of 16 years. Oh god!! She was so sexy. I use to masturbate thinking her with me on my bed. Now she is mother of 2 and still sexy and figure maintained. My mama is a business man and my mami is also working lady earning her own. Sorry for this time waist, getting back to story.
2 years ago my mama was on company tour with his colleagues and my parents were also out of station for some family programme (I didn’t go because I don’t like this stuff) and my mama asked to stay at their home with mami and I was also alone and she will also not feel bore after him as I m talkative. I made a plan that this is the best chance to fuck my mami. My mama’s flight was on 17th night and I reached their home on 16th night. I casually took my dinner and went to bedroom for sleep as my mama was still at home. That night my mami was wearing black nightie and was looking very hot. I got turned on and masturbated 3 times thinking her but after that I managed and slept.
Next morning I woke up at 9 and till then my mama was gone and I was happy that I will b alone with mami as she was also on leave for 4 days and will have fun with her. We started with the breakfast and took healthy breakfast and my mami started with household work. I also helped her in household work just to be kind and spent some more time with her. I intentionally touch her hands, waist and other body parts too. I was mainly looking for her boobs view. And I saw them many times. Whenever she used to bend for some work I try watching them. She came to know what I was looking for. She also got aroused and started with her work with great enthusiasm trying showing her boobs closely. We finished our work at 1 and rested for 2 hours. At 3:30 she asked me to go market with her as she is to purchase some households, I agreed with her.
She got dressed and was wearing tight fitted jeans and top which clearly shows her big boobs and round shaped ass. I got hard again and there was bulge in my pant she saw that bulge and went to her room. She came after 15 min don’t know for what) . And we went to market. Market was near about 10 min away and I was looking for girls around while driving and she was observing me. We purchased some household; she also purchased a pack of condoms from market (secretly. I came to know when she was with me on bed) and we went back home. We cooked dinner and after dinner and before sleeping, she started talking casually and topic changed to my girlfriend then romance and at last sex. I was shocked in listening to that word from her mouth and told her that I am virgin and didn’t get any one yet. Topic changed.
After dinner we started watching movie and there was some romance and kiss scene in that movie to which I showed like I am not watching it but she was deeply looking into it. I coughed and she responded back. She was shy at that time but I told that there’s no problem with me. And she gave me naughty smile then we went to sleep, we shared single bed that night as she can’t sleep alone. She slept at 11 but I was not feeling sleepy. She was showing that she is sleeping but she was also not sleeping. Hot and sexy lady was lying with me on my bed and I was not doing anything. I controlled my feelings for 30 min but when it was out of control I slowly tried seeing her with my mobile light and slowly touch her left boob with my finger (oh god!! It was so soft). She didn’t respond. I got courage and kept my hand on her boob (showing I was in dream). She turned around, I was scared that she is not sleeping but my hand went it to right boob. I didn’t move my hand.
After 5 min I moved my hand and felt that her nipples were erected with lot courage I pressed her right boob she moaned. I kept silent. She kept her hand on my hand, ( tujhe neend nhi aaye abhi tak) my heartbeat got faster. She started pressing her boob with my hand and I made it harder which made her moan loader. I kissed her on her lips to which she responded back and we kissed for 10 min in same position. I removed her top and started sucking her nipple like a small baby she removed my t shirt and hugged me; her breast was touching my chest. It was awesome feeling. I was bit more turned on. She gave naughty smile, I threw her on bed; removed her nighty. This was the first time I was seeing a nude lady in front of me.
I again jumped on her kissed her for 5 min and then sucked her nipples. She was moaning loudly. After that she gave me hand job and swallowed all my cum I then widened her legs rubbed her pussy, fluids started flowing out of pussy. It was so wet. I removed my shorts my tool was already very hard and just jumped out. I touched my tool on her pussy, she closed her eyes. I teased her for 10 min and she was begging me to fuck her. When she got angry I inserted tip of my cock in her pussy, she closed her eyes in pain and screamed. I applied more force and my half tool was in her pussy. She was moaning louder.
She begged me to fuck harder. Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck me harder. I am all yours!! Oh! I increased my speed as her moans increased. I kissed her while fucking to reduce her moans and it give more pleasure too (try it). And exploded all my cum inside her pussy. After I lay on bed, she sat on my tool, and fucked her in same position. It was awesome feeling. And we also tried different positions. It was ultimate feeling with her and is 1 of my best experience till now. We both were sweating due to summer season and took bath together and fucked her there and had lot of fun with her. She was happy as she was satisfied and also complimented that that was the best experience till now
We also try different position when ever gets chance ;)


Quality Time Spend With Mami

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Dusky Elder Sister And A Great Sex With Her

Hi am Nanda from Hyderabad; here with my second story. As I got good response to my first story which was a real incident that took place in my life and even the story am writing now is a story which am making myself from a small real incident that I came across with my elder sister Mounisha, as u know I love incest. The girl whom am describing is none other than my dad’s elder brother’s daughter. I always loved fucking ass of a women but I never knew my interest would turn like this on my sister’s butt.
Mounisha is her name and as my dad’s elder brother lives in a village my dad takes care of their children from their childhood. On that Mounisha was like my elder sister and I too treated her like my own sister. In child hood we use to play family games sometimes with my friends where when it was my turn to be the father then it would always is my sister, as my wife and we both always u to pair up as wife and husband in most of the games. Sometime this game even had a first night scene and also marriage scene that to be made. When I had that I use to feel most thrilling though I don’t have any bad intentional on my sister at that age. When it was first night scene we use to always cover ourselves with a bed sheet on bed and then my sister use to remove her panty and also used to ask me 2 remove my underwear where I use to feel shy in the begging but later used to it and after that act.
And she used to ask me to touch her vagina and then she uses to touch my dick. This would be our first night game always. As I forgot to say she is exactly 2 years elder to me now 24. As she was very close to me we used to sleep daily on same bed I mean my bed on us 2! Till that age she used to always try to flirt me but I never understood what she was doing till my 18! After 18 I understood she was flirting me but I don’t respond knowing that because I was already I true relation in my inter with end of my inter my relation to broke and then later I was always missing the make outs that I had with my ex girlfriend. As I always love mature women and even my girl friend was elder to me by 2 years!
Later as I was sleeping with Mounisha on same bed; one night I was able to see her hot sweating cleavage because there was a power cut at that time I woke. Then I was not able to put my eyes of her so I later tried to touch that and I did later I continued that to touching her boobs which were 36d and then I thought it’s a sin and later as soon as the power came i slept off for that night. Forgot to say her figure it was a shell bomb sizes with fucking hot folds on waist and round poll little plump ass. 36-30-37. Amazing sizes with dusky hotness I think u know how sexy dusky girls look with a perfect sizes and with a lusty color black lips on upper lip and pinkish to lower lip. She always used to shave her lips and hands always and used to maintain herself perfect! I think u guys can imagine such a hot figure in front. So later on as day passes she was testing my manhood by her hot figure.
Later when I was 21 I then decided it was my last chance because that was her B.Ttech final year one night I dared to touch her boobs directly without any bra so I did to my surprise that day she dint wear any bra to my luck I felt her boobs and nipple and then was at same position fondling her breast cleavage for 45 min and all if a sudden she turned other side. So there ends that day trial later next day I tried to go 1 more step ahead that night I tried fondling her breast for some time though she wore bra unknowingly.
Next step I did that day was I tried to feel her raw clean shaved lovely dusky hot cunt lips I even succeeded in that and next step I did was I started fingering her feeling her hotness!! It all happened for 2 hours long! Then she suddenly woke up with inserting my finger to her cunt lips and slapped me on my chin thrice. Next day night she was aware I would do the same but she still slept beside me even then and she then started observing what I was going to do acting that she was sleeping this time she was facing her ass towards me.
So I then started feeling her hot ass n then started opening my zip and bought my penis out and started touching her ass. She then started putting my penis away by hitting on it! This was the best feeling of all! Then later next night I started feeling her shaved I mean waxed upper lip and get hot smooth face and then later I gave her a 6 min length deep French kiss by which she was surprised but responded to the second kiss though I was a short 2 min kiss!! Like this relation outs continued which is going to be described with responses to this and this story is 100 % true incident!! anybody who want fun and if there is anyone who are left with any unsatisfied desires or anyone who want to take their virginity, girls/ladies/aunts who are interested In sex friendship fun can post their comments/requests on


Dusky Elder Sister And A Great Sex With Her

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